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TROG is an Australian born artist known for his highly acclaimed underground stoner comix and his Wasted canvas collection. During his twenty-two-year career, TROG has penned a multitude of celebrity, music, and alternative lifestyle brand artwork, and he has created more 420 event posters than any other artist in the world. TROG’s cult following spans across forty-five countries, and his trippy cannabis inspired artwork is admired by high profile musicians, celebrities, 420 event founders, cannabis activists, and loyal fans.

TROG has drawn art pieces for an impressive list of clientele including world-renown 420 events, The Offspring, Cheech & Chong, Snoop Dogg, Kottonmouth Kings, Slightly Stoopid, and Hed Pe. D-Loc, a member of the Kottonmouth Kings, spotlights one of TROG’s original canvases in the music video, “Smoke You Out” off the “Weedman” EP. TROG’s original artwork is owned by Vivian McPeak, D-Loc, The Offspring’s lead singer Dexter Holland, and Culture Magazine, among other notable people. Vivian McPeak, founder of Seattle Hempfest, the largest cannabis law reform rally in the world believes, “Any fan of abstract, psychedelic poster art should have a TROG piece in their collection.”

In 2014, TROG launched a clothing label called Smelly Clothing Co. that features cool pieces from his extraordinary art collection. Famous musicians and celebrities wear the Smelly Clothing line. TROG is the author of The Cooked Book and The Killer Weed Coloring Book: For Marijuana Lovers. His art is licensed on various merchandise and new product lines will hit the market in 2018.

Keep up with TROG and his projects through his various social media outlets.

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